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Fic; Knowing, Speaking, Turning

Title:Knowing, Speaking, Turning
Author: def_of_joy
Rating: G
Pairing: Will/Finn
Summary: Will and Finn stand next to each other without saying a word.

They stand next to each other, ignoring the sun in their eyes, the crowds of screaming graduates and their families around them, the way Finn's robes itch at the back of his neck. A casual viewer might see them as unconnected, as two people standing next to each other in an accident of time and fate.

A casual viewer would be wrong.

Finn knew he should be talking now. That he should be putting together some combination of thank-you and good bye and I don't know how I would have survived without your help and do you remember. But the words in his head feel shallow and wrong and he dismisses them, remaining silent.

Will knows this routine. The cameras, squeals, families gathering around graduates. He's been here before, watches some of his favourite students leave. He knows how to act, what to say. He knows he needs to turn and face Finn. He knows he needs to shake his hand and say something about embracing the future and staying in touch.

Now is not the time for wild declarations or intimate disclosures. Now is not the time to begin opening his heart.

They stand next to each other; knowing everything, saying nothing.

But it doesn't take long for the spell to be broken, for hands and voices to invade the space around them. Finn finds himself dragged off for photos and hugs. Will finds his hands clasped by parents and students he barely remembers.

Then Will is by himself, watching, his mind filling with a thousand memories and doubts. Then Finn is swallowed by the crowds, conscious that he's missing something.

He turns and meets Will's eyes.

They nod - to each other, to themselves. They turn and walk away.

They know their story isn't finished yet.



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