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Fic: Finn/Will: Crash

Title: Crash
Author: def_of_joy
Rating: PG
Pairing: Will/Finn
Summary: When the yelling stops, something else begins

When the yelling stopped, they were left there, staring at each other, the air between them thick enough to cut with one of the knives Will kept on his kitchen bench. Finn had his hands on his hips; a pained look in his eyes like Will had just run over his puppy. Will wanted to open his mouth, to protest that he was committed, that he did want this, that he wasn’t here to mess around with Finn’s affections . . .

But then the world seemed to move too quickly, and Finn’s mouth was pressed against his own.

It was the last thing Will had expected. He’d thought Finn might yell at him some more, might stamp his feet, might turn around and storm out of his apartment. He never expected the warm pressure of his lips, Finn’s fingers twisted through his hair, the low growl at the back of Finn’s throat.

This wasn’t how he’d planned their first kiss.

In his head he’d had it all planned out, something to do with dinner and movies and dimmed lights, and couches. But here was Finn, pushing him backwards, pushing him up against the kitchen bench. And he was melting, inch by inch, into the younger man’s arms, with every worry and concern melting away too.

So when the plate crashed to the floor, they were too engrossed to care.

And when the phone rang, they barely paused.

And when they woke the next morning, entangled in each other’s arms, Will knew it was the right place to be.


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