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Title: Something to Remember By
Author: def_of_joy
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Through to Sectionals
Synopsis: Post Sectionals. In the haze of his kiss with Emma, Will runs into Finn
Note: This is part of the little universe I’ve been working on. This comes after Looking for Better Moments and Help


Will stood motionless in the doorway, lost in a happy haze. Everything seemed to be going his way. Emma wasn’t going to leave. He was back in charge of the Glee club. Sue was suspended. And that kiss . . .

He couldn’t believe that it was real, that he’d really kissed her. Or that he was going to have dinner with her tonight. That everything was just right between them.

He turned around slowly, his arms stretched out, his eyes closed. He just wanted to relive that moment, when he’d run through the hallways to catch her, over and over in his head.

He was so busy remembering that he didn’t realise Finn was standing right in front of him until the quarterback cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry, Mr Schue,” Finn shifted from one foot to the other, “I was just, you know, on my way home.” He cleared his throat. “You made up with Miss Pillsbury?”

Will’s heart thumped. “You saw?”

Finn looked at some point above Will’s head. “Just a little bit. It’s great. Miss Pillsbury is great. You two are great together.”

Will felt his stomach twist. He’d totally forgotten that while his life was getting brighter, Finn was still wallowing at a low point. He still wasn’t talking to Puck or Quinn, people were talking about him behind his back and he was feeling betrayed by a whole bunch of people. And now he’d just seen his teacher, the man who’d all but fallen in his arms just a week earlier, kissing someone else.

“I never meant to hurt you, Finn.”

“It’s okay.” Finn shrugged. “It seems that no one means to hurt people. It just happens.”

Will took a deep breath. “You know that nothing could ever have happened between us, don’t you Finn?”

Finn nodded. “I know. I mean, you’re my teacher. And I don’t even know if I wanted something . . . I just, well I kind of liked it, you know. And it’s hard knowing it will never happen again.”

“I kind of liked it too.” Will stepped closer, the words choking in his throat. “And it was nice to have your company the other night. I just, well I realised that I liked Emma . . . Miss Pillsbury. And I’ve liked her for a long time. And liking her won’t get me arrested.”

The corners of Finn’s mouth turned up in a pale imitation of a smile. “I understand.” He turned to go. “See you later, Mr Schue. I’m looking forward to working on Regionals and stuff.”

“Finn?” Will bit on his lip as Finn turned back towards him. What he was about to do was wrong on so many levels, and he risked hurting Finn further. But he found himself wrapping his hand around the back of Finn’s neck, drawing his lips into his own.

Finn’s lips were as soft and hot and wanting as they had been last time. This time, Will didn’t pull away, instead deepening the kiss, pushing Finn backwards until he was pressed up against the wall.

Finn’s hands were on his hips, and then on his back, finally resting on the back of his neck, a single finger tracing lines, tangling in his hair. Will gasped as Finn tightened his grip, before sinking even deeper into the kiss, willing it to go on forever.

Except it couldn’t. Of course.

This time, Finn stepped away first, a sad smile on his lips. “Thank you, Mr Schue. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He left without a single kiss backwards.

Will couldn’t keep his eyes off him.


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